Dave Kovar explains why now is the perfect time for Martial Arts

Stress - With everything going on in the world, the stress level of the average person is dramatically higher than in the past.  Unmanaged stress can be harmful to our health, our relationships and even our job productivity.  There aren't many things that can reduce stress better than an intense martial arts class.  

Obesity - Martial Arts is fitness with a purpose.  Fitness is made of three components: strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Martial Arts training creates a balance between the three.  Someone who trains in Martial Arts will find their weakest areas greatly improved.  For adults, this means lowered risk of injury or health issues due to inactivity.  For children, it means a lowered risk of injury while participating in other athletic activities.

Athletic Enhancement - There is a reason why every professional sports team in every major sport uses Martial Arts to supplement their training.  Martial Arts training is amazingly effective at increasing general coordination because it uses every part of the body in a balanced way - upper body, lower body, right side, left side, forward movement, lateral movement and rotational movement are all a daily part of training.

Relationships - Withe so many screens in front of them at any given time, many modern Americans need more face-to-face social interaction.  At the dojo, students find themselves surrounded by positive, high quality, encouraging people (instructors and students alike) who help to bring out their best and keep them focused.

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