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You Can Do It Too - Lose Inches in Only 10 Weeks!

Do you need to get jump-started on your fitness goals?

Have you hit a plateau in your weight-loss program?

Are you an athlete looking to increase your endurance and cardio-vascular fitness?

We have the solution!
Our FITNESS BOOTCAMP is guaranteed to give you the best fat-blasting, muscle-toning, butt-firming, endurance-building workout anywhere!

Don't just take our word for it, though, look what BOOTCAMP veterans have to say:

"Boot Camp is great....I am looking forward to participating again ths year, it is truly a total the end of the camp you can feel and see the difference, it makes all the hard work worth it...I just wish it was longer"
Kathy F.

"Fitness Boot Camp helped me in so many ways. I have always been into working out even when I was young. I came to Nishime's Boot Camp and I can say it made me feel totally different about how I looked and felt about myself. I watched the weight and the inches come right off. Even my bad places looked better. I am a mother of triplets and I am forty years old and I can say that because of the boot camp I look better than ever. The classes will challenge you in ever way, you will hurt in places that you did not know you had BUT it is the best feeling ever. You know that you are getting a complete work out. It is as if you have your own personal trainer right there with you, the only difference is you are sharing him. By sharing the trainer you challenge yourself even more. Working out with others will push you to NOT give up and to see it through. I can not say enough about the Nishime Boot Camp and how it is just AWESOME... Go see it for yourself, I know you will not be disappointed!"
Donna P.

FAQ's about Fitness Bootcamp
What happens in Fitness Bootcamp?
Fitness Bootcamp alternates high intensity strength and cardio exercises with low intensity exercises to get your metabolism running in high gear. Interval training has been proven to be the fastest way to blast fat and build endurance with some seeing results after only two weeks!

Do I need any equipment for Fitness Bootcamp?
We supply all the equipment you need. Just bring a water bottle and a towel.

Do I have to be in great condition to do Fitness Bootcamp?
Fitness Bootcamp is safe and effective for all fitness levels. Exercises are structured to allow you to work out to your personal fitness level without worrying about "keeping up" with or being "held back" by the rest of the class.

Who teaches Fitness Bootcamp?
The Fitness Bootcamp program at Nishime Family Karate was developed by Ben Nishime. Ben teaches Bootcamp in Bright and Mary Beth and Kiyoshi Nishime teach Bootcamp in Taylor Creek.

Call Ben at (812)637-KICK for information or to register for Fitness Boot-camp in Bright. Call Mary Beth at (513)353-KICK for classes in Taylor Creek.


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Next promotion test is Saturday, December 16 at the Taylor Creek dojo

2:00 All belts

NEW! Register online at Testing Registration
IMPORTANT!!! You must register by 10/13/2017 to have a belt at testing!

Annual Holiday Skating Party - December 28
At the Skatin Place 3211 Lina Place
Free admission. Bring your own skates or rent there. Friends and family welcome.

Holiday Schedule
December 23 & 25 - closed
December 18 - Skating Party - closed
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