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Are You Ready for a Makeover That Won't Wash Off with Water?

Do you want to release some tension while losing a few pounds? 


Are you interested in building your strength and stamina but have no motivation to run on a treadmill or work out on machines?


Would you like to experience the excitement of a group class but be able to control the intensity of your training?


We'll give you all of that and more! Join our cardio kickboxing classes and power kickboxing classes at Nishime Family Karate and enjoy great benefits, including:

You get to hit stuff - and it's good for you!
How many times growing up were you told to "use your words"? In our cardio kickboxing classes, no words are necessary. We have punching bags, kicking shields, and hand targets that you can pound to your heart's content. Trust us, it's satisfying. Even better, it's healthy!

Your body will love you because you'll:

  • control your weight
  • reduce your risk of heart disease
  • reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • reduce your risk of some cancers
  • strengthen your bone and muscle

Your brain will love you even more because you'll:

  • get smarter by making new brain cells and creating new connections between them
  • feel euphoric - yes, runner's high is a real thing and you can get it from cardio kickboxing
  • fight memory loss
  • fight against Alzheimer's


A note about calories burned
Some places claim that you'll lose 700 or more calories per class.  Don't be fooled by numbers. The actual number of calories you burn in any activity will depend on many factors, including your age, gender, weight, fitness level, and the efficiency of your technique. We don't make promises that we can't keep.

What we do promise is that you'll sweat. A lot. And you will leave every class feeling like you've accomplished something.

Did we mention that you get to hit stuff?
Bad day at work? Kids getting on your last nerve? Significant other forgot an important date? We can help make it better! Come spend an hour punching, kicking, and letting off steam. Feel free to bring a picture; we'll supply the tape!

Get started now!
Call Mary Beth in Cincinnati at 513-353-KICK, Ben in Bright at 812-637-KICK, or Jason in Florence at 859-331-KICK


Map our Harrison Ave. location


My wife and I can report that due to hard work at your classes and a proper diet, I am down 6 lbs in two weeks and she lost another 3 for the last week.
Steve S.



I feel better than I ever have in my life and I know it's because of this class! I'm stronger, I'm more toned, and I have way more energy.
J. Meese



Nishime Family Karate offers the best fitness programs! The best part, it doesn't matter what your fitness level is. Nishime Family Karate has something for you! I have not only benefited personally from the classes but have witnessed incredible weight loss and strength transformations in so many.
Teresa B.



News & Events

Next promotion test is Saturday, December 16 at the Taylor Creek dojo

2:00 All belts

NEW! Register online at Testing Registration
IMPORTANT!!! You must register by 10/13/2017 to have a belt at testing!

Annual Holiday Skating Party - December 28
At the Skatin Place 3211 Lina Place
Free admission. Bring your own skates or rent there. Friends and family welcome.

Holiday Schedule
December 23 & 25 - closed
December 18 - Skating Party - closed
January 1 - closed

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