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There is a reason why doctors, psychologists, and educators recommend Nishime Martial Art's karate lessons for kids as a beneficial activity.

The benefits of karate training at Nishime Martial Arts go much farther than teaching a child self-defense. Martial arts lessons teach important skills that help in nearly every aspect of a student’s life, including improved health and fitness, increased confidence, better concentration, better behavior; the list goes on and on.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, many experts agree that martial arts lessons are one of the best ways to combat the effects of rising obesity, increased violence, and weakening family values. Let’s take a look at why this is true.

Self-DefenseAt Nishime Martial Arts, we tell our students to “Learn to fight so that you don’t have to.” We’ve seen through experience that as children become more confident in their ability to defend themselves through martial arts, their need to defend themselves decreases. Without really trying, they begin carrying themselves in a more confident manner and this confidence lets those around them know that they are not an easy target.

FitnessKarate training demands a balance between the five elements of fitness – cardio endurance, muscle endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, and body composition (percentage of fat, bone, water, and muscle). Karate classes at Nishime Martial Arts use both traditional and modern training methods to make kids healthier and more fit.

Athletic EnhancementThere is a reason why so many professional teams in nearly every major sport supplement their training with martial arts. In addition to increasing strength, balance, and flexibility, martial arts training improves general coordination because it uses every part of the body in a balanced way. At Nishime Martial Arts we use specific exercises to work upper body, lower body, right side, left side, forward movement, lateral movement, and rotational movement.

Concentration -  Very few activities engage the mind, body, and spirit as much as martial arts training. Our karate classes help children learn to focus and this improved concentration transfers to other areas, like school.

Respect and Courtesy– At Nishime Martial Arts we stress the importance of respect, courtesy, and restraint. Children are taught to only use their skills when they have no other alternative. People who are skilled in karate and other martial arts are generally extremely respectful, considerate and composed and you will find great role models for these qualities in our instructors.

Confidence Martial arts training at Nishime Martial Arts leads to improved confidence in kids for several reasons. First, there are no bench sitters. Every child participates. Second, students are judged against their own improvement and potential instead of being compared to others. Third, children are given a series of realistic, short-term goals that they can reach quickly while keeping them focused on an exciting long-term goal. Each time they experience success, their confidence improves. Kids learn that with hard work and dedication, they can accomplish just about anything.

Don’t take just our word for it. Come in and see for yourself what our Karate and Martial Arts classes can do for your child. Call today about our New Student Specials.

(812)637-5425 to talk to Ben about karate and other martial arts classes in Bright, IN 

(859)331-5425 to talk to Jason about karate and other martial arts classes in Florence, KY or (513)941-1111 about martial arts classes in Delhi

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People ask me why I drive all the way across town to come to Nishime Martial Arts when there are places that are much closer. I tell them that it is because of Shihan Nishime. He knows my son, like he knows ALL the kids and he knows where they are and where that individual child's potential lies be and he helps them to get there. He does what's right for that particular child, whether it's a pat on the back or a talk after class to get them in line at home or at school. My son, AJ has so much more confidence in himself since he started Karate. I wouldn't go any-where else.
Daphne Chaney



Nishime Martial Arts provides a safe, positive environment that allows my sons and I to have fun while we learn Karate. The instructors and assistants teach sportsmanship, respect and good conduct as well as Karate. The training is thorough and gives a rigorous work-out to mind and body.
Mike Bowman



I've been training in Karate since I was 5 years old. Since then I've achieved Black Belt, competed and medaled) in international competition, and learned to become a Karate Instructor. For 13 years, Shihan Nishime, Sensei Ben, and Sensei Jason have been with me every step of the way. I feel that their mentorship had a direct effect on the confident, positive adult I've become and the success I've achieved in my life.
David Nolte




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